Because the classes at Daniela’s Cooking School are always private, it’s usually possible to customize your class to focus on the areas of Italian cooking that interest you.

Perhaps you’d like to prepare some vegetarian dishes, or concentrate on making great pizza? You might need to stay away from gluten, or perhaps you’d like to get some tips on Roman or Neapolitan desserts. Get in touch and Daniela will be happy to discuss ideas, and put together a program to suit your needs.

Daniela can also help you prepare a family menu, or even tailor a class towards teaching the children some easy recipes.

There’s no extra charge to customize your class, unless unusual ingredients or special equipment is required.

Available fresh produce varies by season, so some dishes can only be prepared (and be at their best) at certain times of the year.

Testaccio Market Tours

The cooking class always includes a trip to Testaccio market, so that we can choose the best ingredients for our meals, and you can find out more about where the food comes from. However, if you’re interested in exploring the market on a guided tour but skipping the cooking class, we can arrange this too. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements.