Daniela’s culinary skills were passed down to her from her great-grandmother, and she started to cook at the tender age of fourteen! She abandoned a successful career in marketing with Alitalia Airlines to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a chef. She studied at the renowned Italian Cooking School “Gambero Rosso”, attended the diploma class at the French Culinary Arts School “Le Cordon Bleu”, and followed a course at the International Cooking School of Naples.

Meanwhile she established Daniela’s Cooking School, as a brand for her in-home catering and personal chef services.

Her food is delicious, her menus creative, her presentations simple and elegant; in this way Daniela communicates her very own ‘home style cooking.’

Her passion for cooking, her fun-loving personality and her lively sense of humour keep her clients coming back over and over again. You can’t imagine her delight when she sees sparks flying in the kitchen or her excitement when participants leave for home, impatient to try out a brand new recipe or a clever new technique! Being a chef has granted her the luxury of doing what she loves best: creating! Food is a way of life: “it arouses the senses.”

Daniela’s HomeTeaching

Daniela lives on top of the Aventine Hill the most beautiful,elegant residential area in Rome! Her house is only 100 meters from the famous Circus Maximus and the Colosseum. Her table is set with elegant china dishes, silverware, and crystal glasses.

The warm dining room has antique furniture, a very old round marble table, and modern and older pictures on the wall; all these create such a cosy atmoshere that you’ll never want to leave!
During the summer, your lunch or dinner can be served outside in the lovely, quiet garden where she grows flowers, lemons, and aromatic herbs.