In Italy, the best and most authentic meals are the ones prepared at home, using market-fresh ingredients and inherited family recipes. It’s a side to Italian food that visitors to the country rarely get to see.

Even if you’re not interested in taking a class, you can join us for a traditional home-cooked dinner during your visit to Rome, and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of a real Italian meal on the Aventine Hill.

Our chef Daniela will prepare a delicious dinner for you and your group, which will include: a crisp glass of prosecco offered with tasty appetizers, a primo (first course: pasta, rice, or soup); a secondo (second course: meat or fish, with a side dish of fresh seasonal vegetables); and dessert, along with wine and maybe a traditional glass of digestivo or grappa to finish the meal. While you enjoy your food, Daniela will explain the traditions and history behind each dish.


If the weather permits, you’ll enjoy dinner in the garden; otherwise the meal will be served in Daniela’s elegant dining room. The dishes served can be arranged according to your tastes, always taking into account the best seasonal produce and availability of fresh ingredients, and special dietary needs (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc) can usually be accommodated.


For larger groups (up to fourteen people), Daniela can also host a dinner for you at a villa on Via Appia Antica, a beautiful semi-rural setting just a few minutes from the center of Rome.

This is a wonderful opportunity to discover the difference between a real home-cooked Italian meal and what you’d find in most restaurants. For more information, to discuss your needs, or to book a dinner with Daniela, please get in touch.