Pastiera Napoletana

Neapolitan Pastiera is a typical, traditional cake that every family in Naples MUST have in their house if it’s Easter! I can still remember when I was a child, the delicious, intensive, fragrant smell of fresh orange, lemon, cinnamon, vanilla coming from my grandmother’s kitchen.

She used to prepare the Pastiera on the Thursday before Easter, as it’s better a few days after it’s baked. In my memory I can still see the table full of eight or ten Pastieras, as tradition dictates that you cook them for the entire family, sons’ families, nephews . . . and it’a a good present for friends too.

Every year I make Pastiera with my sisters in such a warm atmosphere . . . thinking of our past, discussing how much orange water to put, using the best fresh ricotta and grain that we buy in Naples.

If you’d like to try making it for yourself, there’s a good recipe here: