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A Typical Day at Daniela's Cooking School

Immerse yourself in a unique experience of good food, history, and traditions in the heart of Ancient Rome.


Testaccio Market Tour

The Market Tour is an immersive experience beginning with a visit to Rome’s famous Testaccio market, one of the most popular neighborhood markets in the city. At one time, this area was a major port of Ancient Rome, traces of which are visible in the remains of warehouses and amphorae in the archaeological sites you’ll pass along the way.

While strolling among the stalls, you’ll learn about the rich traditions of Roman food and how to select the fresh, seasonal ingredients you’ll be using in your cooking class.

Cooking Class

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You’ll take a short drive from the Testaccio market to Daniela's home to begin your hands-on private cooking class. You’ll discover how to prepare traditional dishes from Rome and southern Italy, such as cacio e pepe, fresh fettuccine and ravioli, saltimbocca alla Romana, eggplant parmigiana, and artichokes Roman style. Mouthwatering desserts could include tiramisù or a caprese cake. Throughout the lesson, Daniela will fascinate you with stories and legends about the origin of the dishes and many curiousities of the local ingredients. The menu can be tailored according to your tastes and dietary requirements.

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After preparing your meal, you’ll gather together in Daniela’s elegant dining room to leisurely enjoy your delicious lunch paired with a variety of local wines.

It is known that for Italians the table represents the true moment of meeting and sharing. One of the most famous Italian proverbs is "A tavola non si invecchia." (At the table one does not grow old.) Sharing a meal and pleasant conversation at the table is good for one's health. It’s during these relaxing moments over beautifully prepared food and good wine, interspersed with laughter and personal stories that new friendships are born between Daniela and her guests.  

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